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if we could decide who we loved it would be a lot simpler, but much less magical

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I want to be with you,
it is as simple,
and as complicated as that.

Charles Bukowski  (via samsvoja)

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So, I’ve been seeing this Butterbeer recipe passed around and… it’s cool… but isn’t it supposed to be alcoholic??? So here you go, Butterbeer for those wizards up to no good! 

Please drink responsibly! 

P.S. this absolutely tastes like what I envisioned from the books… 

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Does anyone know if it’d still taste okay if you took the alcohol out?

I’m pretty sure taking the alcohol out might make it taste better. ;)

Okay great! sometimes recipes with alcohol add more sugar or don’t add necessary salt because the flavors of the alcohol.

Since this is an alteration of a recipe without alcohol you can always go back to the original recipe which I linked to… 

Pretty much defeats the purpose of this recipe, but do what you need to I guess.

But rum is delicious. So don’t even start that here. :P 

I feel like a fatass today.
I need to get rid of my lovehandles like right now because I just cant. Im sick of having a muffin top all the time.


"Oh, you go to WSU? So how did getting rejected by UW feel?" 

I just sat on the internet when I should have been sleeping. Its 1:30 now
Oh well
First class at 7:45am
Then 2 hour gap (study study study!)
Then my german test
Then 2 hour gap (sleep. Duh)
Then physics lecture.
Then study my ass off some more for my physics test
Then gym
Then study a little bit more, then sleep!

Tomorrow is gonna be packed. I got this. I can power through anything.