I'm 18 years old. Pacific Northwest. A student at Washington State University. Double majoring in Physics and German. Minoring in Chemistry.


Called it. This afternoon my sister texted me asking if I could pick her up in Auburn. No, sorry.

1am… I should probably go to bed. I’ve got to get up at 8am and once again work three jobs, I can do this!

Today was amazing.
Went and sorted rags for a friend of mine that I made back when I worked for Napa for five hours this morning,
Then I came back into town and hung out with Sarina for a second, for which we then went out and doorbelled for a couple hours. We came across a house with dogs that pushed the window open and were on the roof… we found a way to get a hold of the humans and waited for them to get home. That was an adventure.
Afterwards we met up with some more of my friends and they helped me pick an outfit for tomoro, then we headed to Bonney Lake and met Travis and we all saw The Purge 2, which was completely amazing.
Then we spent hours driving back roads!
Grahm>eatonville>mt.rainier and then back. It was… interesting! Came across a guy who was nice and waiting for triple a, Naomi was gonna air drop him nudes but forgot haha

Now, bedtime.
Ive gotta get up in 6 hours and have another full day ahead of me :)

All planned out, with Travis. He really is a sweetheart.


sometimes cas does the cutest things and i dont know what to do so i just roll around on the ground and make screeching noises


Cuddling with this cutie pie  4 dayzz #jelly  #selfie #dog #cuddles

Cuddling with this cutie pie 4 dayzz #jelly #selfie #dog #cuddles

There was a sale… #mydoglovesit #bubbles #summer #fun #sale

There was a sale… #mydoglovesit #bubbles #summer #fun #sale